Melvita Damask Rose Floral Water: Few spritz a day makes me feel gay (adjective)!

I used to be clueless about facial mists I saw in counters, and ironically, I was never bothered to figure them out all this while. I mean, why bother paying more than RM10 for a can of water? What wonders can it do, actually? I was skeptical.  When I was gifted Melvita Rose Floral Water, I shrugged. Just another bag of tricks, I thought. But I gave it a shot, anyway. Since Melvita is solely an organic brand (and I love the word ORGANIC for my face), what damage can it do to my skin?

Melvita Damask Rose Floral Water comes in plastic bottle now!

Melvita Damask Rose Floral Water comes in plastic bottle now!

Firstly, the deep blue packaging has been revamped into plastic bottles, much to the convenience for many who detest the former ones in glass bottles since they are heavier. I personally have no problem with it being in plastic or glass bottles, but if I were to carry this in my tote bag, I would definitely prefer the lighter one as I do not need to worry that it might shatter. Moving on to the pump at the top of the bottle, it works perfectly fine as it does not spray out big squirts, but it manages to disperse the floral water in fine mist. Since it comes in 200ml, this bottle will certainly last a long time due to the amount of mist being dispersed.

Thanks to this floral water, I finally understood the purpose of a facial mist now! The Rose Floral Water does not only smell of roses that is NOT overpowering, but it is also distilled with Rosa Damascena Petals to hydrate the skin. According to Melvita, I can use its floral water as a mist if my face is dry, or I can use it as a step after cleansing and just before toner. The floral water will soften the skin for better product penetration. I usually spritz on this floral water after washing my face every morning and evening before patting it in, and then follow up with my toner, and etc.

Organic products have SHORTER life span, though.

Organic products have SHORTER life span, though.

Honestly, I can not compare the efficiency of this floral water with other facial mists since I have used none before this, but I am happy to know this does not contain alcohol, and this floral water is really a beauty saver! There are days where I may look tired after lunch due to sweat and oxidization where my makeup will look uneven, so just a few spritz of this would give me a refreshed look, preparing my skin for touch ups, if I want. Also, when I do not want to look as though I was wearing too much powder, the added moisture in the Rose Floral Water gives me a dewy and healthy skin without ruining my make up!

There was once when I slept in the car for a couple of hours with full make up on (while someone’s driving, of course!), I woke up with enlarged pores and oily T-zone. I subconsciously took out this floral water and spritz away before lightly patting all over my face. When the mist dried up, I put on Clarins Beauty Flash Balm on my face, and voila! I look fresh and clean again!

I like the fact that I am including an organic product in my skin care regime; I just feel good! It is not sticky but cooling and natural! I will continue to have this floral water around me although there are also 5 other types of floral water available locally – Chamomile, Lavender, Corn Flower, Orange Blossom and Witch Hazel, priced at RM122 each. I just love anything ROSE. As a matter of fact, I nearly named my daughter Rose, too! Hahaha….

Anyway, I have heard that Melvita Extraordinary Water can be as a toner, so the best way to include Rose Floral Water into the skincare regime is to use it before the Extraordinary Water (toner) for optimal results. And you know what? Melvita has Rose Extraordinary Water as well! Rose, rose I love you!

Have you tried Melvita Floral Water or other floral water/facial mist before? How did you like them?

With love,