Decleor Aromessence Relax Intense Dry Oil

It did not take me long to venture into the brand, Decleor after having positive results with the cleansing duo (review here), and I have an amazing find for the body, which is its Aromessence Relax Intense Dry Oil. That long name, though. Let’s just call it Relax Intense Dry Oil here.


Inspired by Decleor’s aromatic spa rituals, the Relax Intense Dry Oil is composed of essential oils of tonka bean, ylang-ylang, vetiver and vanilla extract to relax the body. If you are a fan of ANY of the listed essential oils, you have to look into this dry oil. This 100% pure and 100% natural oil envelops the body in a deep soothing sensation, softens the skin and helps relieve tension. Preservative-free, colorant-free with no parabens and no mineral oils, the Relax Intense Dry Oil seems to be a perfect companion for anyone who would like to sooth tense areas and to soften the skin.

My feedback?

Decleor’s Relax Intense Dry Oil for the body is SUPER GORGEOUS!


Yellow toned oil

Unlike Clarin’s body treatment oils (reviewed here), this DRY oil’s formula allows me to use much lesser product to moisturize dry or damped skin beautifully. I have been applying this all over my body, my thighs, shoulders, and the Decleor bottle seems to last longer than when I use Clarin’s only on my thigh area! My skin was left soft, smooth and supple the whole day and even after the first washing, I felt my skin is still hydrated and smooth.


Once spread onto the skin


Massage it a little and watch it sinks in beautifully

The scent, as I presumed upon purchasing, would be lovely and yes, it is just a BLISS to the senses! Its  therapeutic effects are sublime where I felt relaxed at the spa, except the fact that I was applying the dry oil at home.

The price of this 100ml Relax Intense Dry Oil was RM309 before the price adjustment recently, and I bought this last year but only started using it last month. The price may initially raised some eyebrows, but this bottle will definitely last you a long time.

Have you tried any body products from Decleor?


With love,






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