The Quiet Months

Hi lovelies!

I know some would have been asking my whereabouts, and if you are one of them, THANK YOU. Thank you for waiting; thank you for asking. I am completely fine; however, these recent months have been quite challenging mentally and emotionally. I wish I could spill everything here, but some things are better left unsaid. Fret not, I will tell you SOME things that have been taking my time off this blog.

Mom’s only sister, who was close to me and showered me with loads of affection, succumbed to pancreas and liver cancer last week. When she found out about the cancer, it was already too late. Mom was the one who managed to persuade her to go for a medical check up when my aunt thought it was purely jaundice. She was hoping to let the unknown sickness recover by consuming some traditional medicine, and none of her family members bothered to care. Well, not until the medical report was out.

My lovely aunt had to stay in the hospital, and on the hospital bed she died a calm, beautiful woman. It was hectic months for mom not because she had to prepare food and visit aunt, but rather, due to the fact that she had to convince aunt’s children how serious the silent killer was. Every time I paid aunt a visit in the hospital, I did not know what to say to her; I just could not be creative at that time. I saw how worried and tired she looked, and all I could do was to hold my tears and hold her hands tightly.

Dear aunt, I love you.

I wish I had said that to you, I wish I had told you how great you were, and I wish I had given you my last hug, but I was selfish.

I was afraid to break down in front of her.

I was afraid she could never make it.

I was afraid I will miss her.

Now my tears were shed in front of my computer because I miss her dearly.

Now I could only tell myself “at least she did not need to suffer THAT long”.

And now I could only believe that she’s up there, watching over me.

At this time of the month, my husband and I are planning for our new house located near to my in-laws. Renovations has just started, so as expected, there were arguments that had led to boiling temperaments between us. No worries, we still love each other till death do us apart. Arguments are unavoidable, and they are needed at times. Once renovations is over and done with, it will be time for the furniture to move in! I have been anticipating to move into the new house to have MORE privacy (as I am currently staying with my in-laws, if you know what I mean), and once everything is settled, EngagedwithBeauty shall resume in its full glory!!!! =)

I thank you again for reading this and for your understanding. I wish I could have dropped by earlier to share the news to you, but these few months have been causing me a lot of “fluctuation” in terms of my emotions. I did not want to review products when I could barely think straight as I did not want to be irresponsible towards the brand and my readers. *sounds like I’m going to go nuts, no?






Let’s welcome 2014 with a BANG!

Hi lovelies,

Happy New Year to all of you and your family members! There will be loads for us to ponder upon and to cherish in 2013. 2013 has been a little tough for me, but 2014 will be better as I always have faith in myself (LOL!), and I look forward to welcoming the new year. What about you? Do you have a new year’s resolution? If you do, feel free to share with me!

My Queen and I wishing you all a Happy New Year!

My Queen and I wishing you all a Happy New Year!

If you need to know, I have a few, but I am going to let the short “prayer” below says it all:

Dear God,

Grant me the senility to forget the people who have given me nothing but hurt,

The good fortune to run into the ones that I love and care,

The wisdom to choose when I’m stucked at crossed roads,

And most importantly, help the innocent children all around the world.

No more violence; just LOVE.

(*adapted from the Guy-sports humour. LOL!)

Again, Happy New Year and may you all be blessed with good health!

With love,