Clarins: Tonic Body Treatment Oil & Contour Body Treatment Oil

Since 1954, Clarins has offered a broad array of products for women and men alike. My first experience with this brand goes way back in year 2000, when I made my first purchase of a “high end” face foaming wash with my first paycheque. I chose Clarins not only because it is one of the most well-known brand in Europe, but also the beautifully scented products simply make me FEEL more beautiful. That boost when you know you are treating your skin with some tender, love, and care.


Left: Tonic Body Treatment Oil; Right: Contour Body Treatment Oil   (p/s: kindly take note that the original packaging is how the Contour Body Treatment is. The Tonic one was an LE bottle to mark its 60th anniversary)

When I was pregnant with my 1st child in 2011, it was only natural I bought one of its best-selling luxurious body treatment oil that contains 100% pure extracts, the Tonic Body Treatment Oil. Ideal for expectant mothers and young women going through puberty, this body treatment oil claims to improve skin elasticity to prevent the appearance of stretch marks and to maintain skin firmness.

I chose Tonic Body Treatment oil because its lightweight, silky texture can absorb quickly after massaging into the skin. It was advised to lightly massage the oil onto dry or damp skin, from the ankles up to the waist. The instruction also says to have a cool shower right after massaging, to which I never did.

It leaves no oily sheen or greasy feeling, and I could wear my clothes after applying this oil almost immediately. For me to use the same oil for my 2nd pregnancy speaks alot about my faith in Tonic Body Treatment oil. It is really good in keeping itchiness at bay due to the growing belly that causes the skin to stretch.

I do have stretch marks even BEFORE I was pregnant, and I do not believe any body products can magically erase those stretch marks. I have lived with those marks for many years, and they are one of the few testaments of me growing and living! With Tonic Body Treatment oil, my skin was always nicely hydrated because I never felt itchy many hours after application.


Both oils, in fact all the face and body oils from Clarins share exact yellow-coloured oil.

Contour Body Treatment Oil, on the other hand, helps eliminate toxins and reduce the look of sponginess. Great for those who suffer from water retention, this aromatic body oil eliminate toxins and excess water for a streamlined-looking silhouette.

I have “heavy” legs all along, and I purchased this along with Clarins Body Shaping Cream (review later) with hopes to reduce the the bloated look around my abdomen and thigh area during the “time of the month”, if you know what I mean. I used them right after shower every evening, and I noticed this oil is slightly more hydrating than the Tonic Body Treatment oil, and the SA who sold the oils to me had advised me to use Contour Body Treatment oil at night and Tonic Body Treatment oil during the day. Contour Body Treatment oil has a slight sweet, relaxing scent while Tonic Body Treatment oil is more uplifting and energizing.

Will I repurchase both of the treatment oils? Honestly, I prefer Toning Body Treatment oil as my thigh area appeared to have less wobbly bits compared to Contour Body Treatment oil, so I would not think twice to repurchase the former. Retailing at RM220.50, Clarins Malaysia now also has its own online shopping platform (click here), how delightful!

I strongly recommend Toning Body Treatment oil to anyone who wants a more toned and hydrated body, regardless being pregnant or not!


With love,



6 thoughts on “Clarins: Tonic Body Treatment Oil & Contour Body Treatment Oil

  1. I dont have stretch marks even I have 3 kids. Thankfully for that.

    This product sounds good for expected mums and those who wants toned beautiful skin.

    • How blessed you are! The body treatment oil, especially the Tonic one, works for me. Its scent lift me up to kickstart my day, too ^_^

  2. I finished tubes and tubes of Clarins Stretch Marks control during my pregnancy. Tried a pharmacy brand but tossed it and continued using Clarins.

  3. just back from the launching event of Clarins. It was not really fun there honestly, People kept pronunced it / Kla – r -in/! I am the only guy who look so silly and kept eating all the foods while the models floating around. But love door gifts there 😛

    • Hahaha…did you not try to save them by helping them out a lil’ with the pronunciation? Oh well….perhaps you knew better and that’s way you ended up eating all the food there. At least you had a happy tummy and lovely door gifts!

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