Review & Giveaway: Ziniva All-in-One Cleanser, Toner, Serum

Formulated by a US Dermatologist, Ziniva is quietly making its way into Malaysia with its first product, known as Ziniva All-in-One Cleanser, Toner and Serum. Claimed to achieve a brighter glowing skin with rejuvenating action, Ziniva is a  hypo-allergic skincare product that is safe and gentle because it does NOT contain:

Colour dyes                                        Artificial Fragrances

Alcohol                                                Preservatives

Mineral Oil                                         Lanolin

Silicons                                                Mercury

Steroids                                               Antibiotics

Parabens                                             Petrochemicals


Welcome to Malaysia, Ziniva!

What does Ziniva All-In-One do to the skin:

  1. As a cleanser – removes dead skin cells, dirt, impurities and make up
  2. As a toner – revives dull skin for a radiant and glowing skin
  3. As a serum – pH balanced serum that contains anti-oxidants to aid anti-aging process

Overall, Ziniva functions to soften and smoothen the skin for a youthful and radiant YOU!

My verdict?

A firm believer in double cleansing (using two different types of cleanser) every evening, I prefer to rinse my skin with either a cleansing oil/milk/cream/balm or a foaming wash. Therefore,  I would not use this as a cleanser alone during the day or night, but I prefer using Ziniva All-in-One as a toner, a mist or a pre-serum instead.


I temporarily kept my usual toners aside, and started using this after cleansing. I was advised to shake the bottle before opening the cap and to pour the product into a cotton pad before wiping all over my face. The bottle closely reflects the packaging of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence and Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence, but they all share the same watery texture. Ziniva All-in-One has a rose scent which reminds me of Hazeline Snow. I personally do not find the scent overwhelming as I am fine with floral and herbal scent in any skin care products.


It was advised to pour on a cotton pad instead of doing this.


Colourless, with a Rose scent. 

After using it diligently day and night for a month now, I am happy that this product worked beyond my expectation. When I was handed Ziniva All-in-One, I thought this would roll just like any other toning mists or floral waters, which primarily function to soothe and refresh the skin. About a week ago, I was meeting up with some friends and relatives when some of them noticed my radiant skin. One was actually surprised that my skin is glowing despite having to do house chores (I do not have a helper at home, and I do not intend to have one, thank you), chasing after two toddlers, not having quality rest, and well……aging. Honestly, I did not pay much attention at my skin until I received more compliments and few asked me for my secret. No secret here now!

As a busy mom and a housewife, I am glad to have tried Ziniva All-in-One, and I am actually torn to either stick to this or to return to my usual, trusted facial toners as Ziniva All-in-One somehow performed as good as the toners in terms of prepping the skin for other skin care products. In fact, Ziniva has an edge as it gave me a healthier and dewy look. Made by steam-distilling rosa damascena, the precious rose oil is regarded highly for its healing and antiseptic properties. Promoting inner relaxation and balance, I am also able to sleep better with its lovely rose scent.

Currently, Ziniva Malaysia only markets this All-in-One at the time being, and it is available for purchase at Ziniva Malaysia Facebook. All you need to do is to drop them an order online, and they will deliver the item to you with a minimal shipping fee.

Otherwise, you can try your luck to get your hands on this wonderful formulation by:

  1. following my blog; EngagedwithBeauty
  2. following Ziniva’s page at Facebook
  3. leaving me a message at the comment box. Talk to me. Just anything =) 

Simple, right?

Two lucky winners will have a full-size bottle of All-in-One Cleanser, Toner and Serum delivered to their doorstep. Closing date: 15 April 2016



With love,



6 thoughts on “Review & Giveaway: Ziniva All-in-One Cleanser, Toner, Serum

  1. Omg! This all-in-one product sounds so good and great for busy women and homemakers like me who do not have privilege of going to facial spa and handful with 3 young kids to take care of!!

    Great sharing, LY. Love it.

  2. This product is amazing and I love the concept all in one. How the cleanser work and can it help to remove makeup? Really curious with this amazing product.

  3. was browsing through blogger as I’m ‘sakit mata’ doing my fyp~ finaly u’re back! LOL~ babysitting & hse chores really tiring leh~ good to hear ur boy finally found a ‘cure’?! my bro might b backed after 3 weeks.. we might able to meet up then 🙂

  4. was browsing through blogger as I’m ‘sakit mata’ doing my fyp! finally u’re back! LOL! babysitting & hse chores really tiring~ good to heard ur boy finally found a ‘cure’! btw, my bro might b backed in 3 weeks.. we might b able to meet up then 🙂

  5. Thank you for bringing this product to my attention. The fact that it is all natural and free from harmful chemicals is a huge plus. This all-in-one product is also ideal for travel and for a no-fuss daily skin care regime.

    I would love to treat my poor skin with Ziniva All-in-One Cleanser, Toner and Serum 🙂

  6. Morning, Is me again. Hope this month you will have a wonderful day. Last night I browse Ziniva Facebook and get to know more about Ziniva especially the all in one. I wish I can win this whole set for Mother’s Day present. Have a good day.

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