Doing THE Adele: Hello, it’s me…… I’ve been wondering…

Hi lovelies!

*waves & kisses*

Alright, where do I START?

Some of you might have wondered about my silence for some time already, so I am back here to share with you that I am currently a Stay-at-Home mom taking care of my two kids. For you love bunch who had waited and are reading this now, I could not THANK YOU enough!

My youngest child has just turned 9 months old. I went “missing” when I started my new job early September 2014, where hubby and I later found out I was expecting! How unexpected, really. We had been trying for a year to give our eldest one a younger sibling, but to no avail. Until I moved to the new workplace, with God’s grace.

For He knows the plans he has for me, I am nevertheless thankful for the new bundle of joy.

Being pregnant at a new work environment was really challenging despite having some nice colleagues. Unlike my first pregnancy that was a total breeze for me, all the 3 trimesters during my second pregnancy were no fun. (I shall share more about my second pregnancy in one of my future’s posts)

Long story short, baby no.2 arrived on April 2015, and I resigned two weeks after my maternity leave. I apologize for not updating my blog or sharing this piece of news earlier; I just could not find the time and sanity. Poor time management, you’d say, but this mommy was in desperate need of sleep and rest. Now that he is slightly older, I could steal some time to blog when he is DEEP asleep.


Isn’t this God’s gift beautiful?

As for now, I am logging off to prepare some updates to share with you here, so reviews will be up soon. I can’t wait already! Weeeeeeee~


Love always,