About Me

Every woman wants to be BEAUTIFUL, no? Thanks to the media, women have been depicted with being attractive for as long as we could remember, and we want to look as becoming as we could. Elizabeth Arden once said “To be beautiful is the birth right of every woman”. Without any negotiation, I must say I could utterly relate to her sentiment. Now I believe beauty is beyond measure, but I do not condone opting for plastic surgery to enhance MY appearance.

In the pursuit of beauty, this blog was created to share my never-ending journey of searching for my *HOLY GRAILS* of both skin care and cosmetic products. I had never thought of blogging my thoughts about my beauty finds until recently. Why, you would ask? Simply because. I guess I was too preoccupied with being preoccupied (if that makes any sense) *smirk*. Well, I have a day job at a learning institution, and yes I am one busy mother of 1! Kids these days are a handful, so with the help of modern technology, I shall blog about my vanity to keep my sanity in place. ^0^

I hope you will enjoy reading my entries as much as I helplessly try out each product that intrigues me.

Love always,



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