He is destined to love Salcura Natural Skin Therapy

Long post ahead! Read on if you are keen to know more about this love story, or if your beloved ones, young or old, suffer from skin problem.

At times I wish I had listened and consumed everything in moderation. I was pregnant with baby no.2 while living with my in-laws, and I just could not give my MIL’s cooking a second look. My poor mother-in-law must have felt bad, but heck, I felt nauseated all the time especially during dinner, and I needed my daily shot of tom yum soup to prevent me from vomiting at anyone’s face. Basically, tom yum soup is a shrimp soup with the necessarily added chillies, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, and galangal that equates SPICINESS. For someone who usually could not tolerate tom yum, it is a strange phenomena for me as I want nothing but that spicy kick to keep me alive during my pregnancy. Months later when baby no.2 popped out, his skin developed rashes not long after. I highly suspect my diet was one of the reasons that led to baby no.2 having eczema on his face and ears.

He started off with cradle cap, which only recovered after using Buds Cradle Cap Cleansing Lotion, but suddenly there were patches of inflamed blisters and rashes at his cheeks and ears. As the skin itches, he would scratch until the skin bleed. As mommy’s tender heart hurts, she visited the pharmacy for creams and lotions, but those creams usually helped for two days before the itchiness resumed. The blisters came back.


Baby no.2 had used them all. While the above creams and lotion have been quite successful to some, they just could not help mine.


Before Salcura – Eeeerrrkkkk….!!!!!

Mommy even tried the traditional method, which was to boil coriander leaves (with its root), and the coriander water could be used for bathing as well as direct application on the cheeks and ears. Mommy went along with the coriander leaves for two weeks and saw very slight improvement as there was less bleeding but the itchiness remains. It got so itchy that he scratched his ears and face every night, and his sleep got distrupted.

One fateful day, however, there was no supply of coriander leaves. No coriander leaves for a day! Run to the shopping mall now! Wait, no time! Lets monitor what would happen to his skin without the leaves for a day! Lo and behold, his skin was back to square one; bloody gory scene again! Aaarrrrgggghhhh……..somebody help me help my son!!!!! All the boiling, bathing, and reapplication is troublesome, honestly. I needed something that I could carry along without boiling or cooking. Something that is moisturizing enough and that could help regenerate his torn skin once and for all.

That was the very same day I saw Salcura Natural Skin Therapy on the web while I was browsing through the net. Upon reading some testimonials online and the descriptions of their products, I was very keen to give this brand a try. With a history of 10 years, Salcura products are formulated with naturally active ingredients to treat the skin problems effectively YET gently. Salcura carries products targeted for babies AND adults with dry skin, acne, spot and blemishes, fungal skin, sensitive skin, scalp condition, as well as prickly heat or heat rash. I spoke to a really lovely staff from Salcura, and she offered to let me try few of their best-sellers.


Salcura’s products contain No steroids; No artificial fragrance; No parabens; No paraffin; and No lanolin. Sounds good, for a start. Read on to know how some of the products perform.

Bioskin Junior Daily Nourishing Spray with Sea Buckthorn (as active ingredient)

This Daily Nourishing Spray is specifically formulated to soothe, nourish and moisturize skin prone to eczema and severe dryness. Being recommended as an alternative to conventional emollient creams, this light liquid has a moisturizing formula that penetrates quickly, reached deep within the skin to support its natural healing process by nourishing new skin cells. It is strongly advisable to use the Daily Nourishing Spray on a regular basis, even if the rashes flared up or subsided. This was the one product that got me really excited, knowing most face and body sprays contain drying alcohols such as alcohol denat, ethanol, or ethyl alcohol. Salcura uses Cetearyl Alcohol that has non-drying effect on the skin since the “fatty” alcohol is naturally derived from vegetable sources such as coconut.


This. Was. Godsent.


Firstly, I detected a beautiful and neat lavender scent every time I sprayed this on the cotton. The scent lingered for a good few minutes but not overpowering. Application was so easy as I smoothed the light liquid on his problematic areas, using a cotton pad. As claimed, the liquid penetrated into skin so quickly, and my boy loved it every time I smoothed the liquid on his cheeks and ears. I applied 4-5 times every day, and I was glad that baby boy got better sleep at night as the light liquid was moisturizing enough. He no longer scratches his face as though he got fleas and lice all over him! After 2 hopeful weeks, mommy got her prayers answered! A smoother and softer skin was reborn!

Bioskin Junior Outbreak Rescue Cream with Natural Volcanic Zeolite (as active ingredient)


Claimed to repair, restore and soothe the skin, this cream was recommended to be used occasionally AFTER the Daily Nourishing Spray when there are flare ups, to quickly bring the skin under control. Unlike the spray that has lavender scent, this outbreak rescue cream does not have any scent.


I applied this as the second step after the daily nourishing spray to calm the rashes and blisters, and it didn’t take me much time to rub in the light cream onto skin. This cream has helped soothe and repair his skin tremendously, and it has been more than a week since I last used the cream. I still have more than half a tube left, and I am so glad Salcura delivered as promised again!

Bioskin Zeoderm Extra for Face & Body (no.2) with Natural Volcanic Zeolite ( as active ingredient)

To be used in conjunction with Bioskin DermaSpray or SemarSerum (which I don’t have) when the skin is going through a bad phase, Bioskin Zeoderm promised to provide extra intensive hydration and nourishment. This cream was sent to me for my fingers. As an eczema sufferer myself, I hated the look of my fingers for as long as I could remember. If you had read most of my blog posts here, you would have known that my fingers are ALWAYS cracked, itchy, and chapped. The word “dryness” is an understatement. Having no fingerprints since I first made my ID, my “drought” fingers left me feeling ashamed to even have a decent handshake sometimes! I understand there is no cure for eczema, but my wishful thinking was to have smoother fingers that doesn’t crack easily when doing house chores.


There are no limitations on how much I could use, so I applied Bioskin Zeoderm deliberately few times a day, and I saw slight improvement in terms of the itchiness around my palm and fingers. Similar with Bioskin Junior Outbreak Rescue Cream, this light, steroid-free cream does not contain any scent and makes a good alternative to conventional treatment creams that is not greasy after application. While it did not completely heal the cracks on my fingers, it does help a little to PREVENT further chapping due to its nourishing formula (read: UREA).


Despite using natural ingredients which was believed to be gentle for the skin, Salcura Natural Skin Therapy has totally won me over! I was utterly amazed at how wonderful Bioskin Junior Daily Nourishing Spray and Bioskin Junior Outbreak Rescue Cream are. I would repurchase the spray for baby no.2 over and over again just for regular maintenance purposes. I am now left with more than half of the Outbreak Rescue Cream, and I am happy I only needed very little for his face and ears.


On my left was the result of using both the spray and rescue cream for a week. Bottom right was taken after 2 weeks. No more peelings and blood! Hooray!

Mommies, if your kids have skin problems and nothing has been working out, here is my humble advice – try Salcura.

Where to purchase?

  1. Salcura Natural Skin Therapy’s webpage (click here)
  2. Feelunique.com (click here)
  3. Lovelula.com (click here)
  4. Leshoppe (click here)

Excuse me while I go make my online purchase to stock up Bioskin Junior Daily Nourishing Spray I told you about.



With love,



3 thoughts on “He is destined to love Salcura Natural Skin Therapy

  1. My kid had eczema on her cheeks when younger. Ppl say breastfed baby always developed eczema from the breast milk bla bla bla. Now that my kid is older, the eczema clear but still develops rashes from food allergy.

    I saw Salcura at pharmacy inside Aeon Big Mid Valley while looking for Ceradan Hydra, a maintenance lotion for eczema skin my toddler is using. And boy the price… Good that it cleared the flare ups of your baby.

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