Best Cleansing Duo for All Skin Types: Decleor

If there is one thing I hoard, it has got to be FACIAL CLEANSERS!

Yes, I buy facial cleansers A LOT. I keep them in my cupboard, and I get depressed when the stock is running low. Sometimes I secretly wish every skin care brand would just give me facial cleansers (retail or travel size, NO sachet lah) for FREE every time I buy anything from the beauty counters! Now, back to business…………..

Cleansing oils, milks and creams are my favourites because I trust most skin types would benefit from its texture and its usage. Designed to remove dirt, grime and make up,  I use either one before using a cleansing foam to double cleanse during the evening. As a brief, cleansing oils are good to remove make up, light or heavy. Cleansing milks are gentle and highly recommended for sensitive and dry skin types as their formulas and scent tend to be more soothing. Last but not least, cleansing creams are better known as an all-purpose cleanser which is really great at removing dead skin cells, and I found my love (review here).


Available at all Decleor Salons – price starts from RM137

Today I will talk about the highly loved Cleansing Milk along with its accompanying Toning Lotion from Decleor.


Cute plastic bottlesI have both 200ml (retail size) and 400ml (limited; or seasonal edition)


Apply this oil-in-water consistency on dry skin; give your skin a good massage it deserves, sniff and indulge in its gentle and pleasant aroma; then you can wash it off or sweep it off with a cotton pad.

This Cleansing Milk is the softest milky emulsion I have ever used because it spreads so easily upon contact with the skin. As my face gets dehydrated (again!) as I could hardly pay much kind attention to it (thank you, Baby no.2), I find Decleor Cleansing Milk made my skin soft and comfortable, leaving my skin perfectly balanced. Using this cleansing milk FINALLY taught me that sometimes it is not merely lack of hydrating serums or moisturizers, but it is the cleanser that could strip off every moisture from your face and leave you with more dry, tight and parched skin! Are good quality cleansers significant now? Yes, for me!


The matching toner

The paraben-free toning lotion is used after cleansing to improve the effectiveness of makeup removal, and I find this silky textured performed as it claims – the skin is left soften, hydrated and revived, thanks to the essential oils below.

Nourishing neroli essential oil repairs your skin and protects against dehydration, leaving your complexion sublimely soft and radiant. Green tea water detoxifies to leave skin clean and fresh, orange peel protects the skin from free radicals with its rich antioxidant properties.


Love that there are Vit E and Sodium PCA in the Toning Lotion. And who says all toners have to have ALCOHOL in it?

I have been using Decleor Toning Lotion a lot with facial oils and moisturizers from other brands, and I do find its gentle formula allows me to pair with the subsequent face care perfectly fine. Double thumbs up! Some facial toners I have used in the past tend to be quite selective, where it could only work best with a serum or a moisturizer of the same brand.

Have you tried any products from Decleor yet? I used to head over to their salons for facials and have tried some of their products, which I find them quite pricey but effective as their products are rich with essential oils! If you would like to try anything from Decleor first, it has got to be this DUO for All Skin Types!





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