Review: Marine Elements Body Wash & Intensive Cream

Specially dedicated to those who suffer from eczema, redness, sensitive and dry skin,
Aren’t you tired with all the search for the causes of product, environment, fabric, or food consumption that could have led to the unsolved mystery that you have now? I, for one, have been suffering from eczema on my fingers and toes since I was a child. Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is a long term condition affecting the skin that occurs due to hypersensitivity reaction triggered by soaps, fabrics, animals, dyes, and other possible irritants. The skin not only will appear red, inflamed, peeling and cracked, but also will cause intense itching sometimes!

Irritating, I know! *cries* I shall not dwell on the past with all the sufferings I had to go through when I was a child, but even as an adult, the itching can tear you up. Hence, it is best to steer clear from using products that contain paraben, silicone, alcohol, mineral oil, and fragrance in them, or the products may do more harm than good to the skin.

Marine Elements
Now with new exfoliation and skin regeneration technology, comes Marine Elements from Europe that is recently presented with Jessica Baby The Best Seller 2014 award and which has a range of non-steroidal, paraben-free skin care with active ingredients Zonase XTM to help improve the appearance of dry, itchy, irritating and inflamed skin conditions, such as eczema and dermatitis. The kind people from Marine Elements gave me two products to try, and I shall share with you the first: Marine Elements Body Wash (500ml). Being described as an extra mild, soap-free formulation for the whole body, this body wash has a pH level that is close to human skin to maintain the skin’s natural barrier against harsh elements. It will gently exfoliate the skin, thus promoting regeneration of healthy skin cells leaving it smooth and moisturised.

Marine Elements
What caught my eyes was the list of criteria on the packaging:
√ Soap-free
√ Extra mild and moisturizing
√ Hypoallergic
√ SLS-free
√ Paraben-free
√ Dermatologically tested

Let me first profess that my face and my body has different skin types altogether. Unlike my face, my body is dry and is easily irritated due to dust. Using Marine Elements Body Wash reminded me that I should keep a mild and gentle formula body wash in my bathroom for my unpredictable skin. As much as a lover for anything that smells great, it took me awhile to get used to, but definitely for a better reason. Using the body wash for more than 2 weeks has benefited me with a softer and smoother skin. What’s more, it also calmed the itchiness that erupted once in a while. Although I am not against Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS), a cancer-causing agent, in any of my hair and body products, I appreciate that Marine Elements does not have as an ingredient. Still, I did manage to get some decent lather from this body wash. I also like the subtle, marine-like scent that I get when I pumped out the product from the simple, fuss-free bottle.

Marine Elements Marine Elements Marine ElementsMarine Elements

Marine Elements
The second item that I have tried is Marine Elements Intensive Cream (50ml) that is specially formulated to provide deep moisturisation to extra dry and problem skin areas. The non-greasy formulation will soften the skin’s surface, allowing immediate hydration to the dry skin underneath and helps accelerate the regeneration of healthy skin. It helps to strengthen the skin’s natural barrier whilst leaving a protective film on the skin’s surface. Natural peptides transport moisture and nutrients deep down to provide continuous moisturisation for up to 24 hours. 24 HOURS!!!! Really? Let’s not pull anybody’s leg now! *The last sentence should be understood by all as: As natural peptides transport moisture and nutrients deep down to provide continuous moisturisation, CONSTANT application and reapplication will be needed for a more comfortable, smoother and beautiful skin. XD

Marine Elements

Like its body wash, Marine Elements Intensive Cream has a gentle, marine scent that I grow to like because it will not send out an ALERT to people around me every time I apply or re-apply the cream on my skin, or specifically my fingers since they suffer from massive cracking and peeling that could lead to bleeding! Yes, there were days when I wanted to apply my usual hand creams in the office, nearly everyone around me would turn to comment on the scent or to butt their noses in whatever I was doing with my hand creams.

Marine ElementsMarine Elements
Using Marine Elements Intensive Cream on my hands was not only comfortable for me to use, but it was also SUPER CONVENIENT. Having a pump and a plastic lid to cover the pump was convenient for me to bring it wherever I go, and I did not need to deal with the hassle of unlocking or locking the cover of the cream every use. One pump was adequate enough for both hands, and I only needed to cover the pump with the plastic lid after each use. I have been using the Intensive Cream extensively for more than 2 weeks now, and I can happily verify the claim where it is non-greasy and did soften the skin’s surface from time to time. Did it cure the eczema on my fingers? No, it did not, which I did not expect miracles to happen in only 2 weeks. Did it prevent further itchiness, irritability, or cracking? Yes, it did with occasional peeling, but I am very pleased with the results so far.

Marine Elements

Before using Intensive Cream

Marine Elements

Day 3

Day 7

Day 7

Day 14

Day 14

From now on, I will be checking out other products from Marine Elements because the two products – Body Wash (RM65 for 500ml) and Intensive Cream (RM78.50 for 50ml) that I had used were pretty promising. I strongly suggest you to drop by to read up more about the products, and if you are a Malaysian, do visit to make your purchase as you can expect free delivery on orders above RM98!



With love,



2 thoughts on “Review: Marine Elements Body Wash & Intensive Cream

  1. I purchased the body wash and body lotion, and they included one sachet of the intensive cream. I liked the body wash but the body lotion is a little too thick for my liking if I were to use it on my baby. As for the intensive cream, one sachet is not enough for me to see any improvement.

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