All Aboard! Let’s Go Cruisin’ Together with Dior Addict in Cruise (611)!

Dior Addict CruiseHi beauties! I am really sorry for being MIA these few weeks as work has been pretty hectic! That being said, I have had a good time with the new lip offering from the Dior Transatlantique Collection for this summer, Cruise (611)! Cruise is one of the four limited edition shades to join the permanent line of Dior Addict lipsticks; I must say this has caught me by surprise. Being a fan of Dior Addict lipsticks, Cruise is a must have for me. Okay, the price increase of RM4 was UNEXPECTED as it is now RM102, but heck, I just need it!

Dior Addict Cruise

Cruise (611), a juicy bright mandarin on the bullet, pulled slightly pinkish on me. The pigmentation is rather fair in which I would need more than 2-3 swipes of the shade on my lips for the adored and wanted colour. Having pigmented lips would usually steer clear from sheer lip colour, but Cruise is truly an exception, at least for me.

Dior Addict Cruise

I actually appreciate the fact that the formula is lightweight and comfortable on the lips despite me layering the colour on my lips several times a day. It is so comfortable, almost lip balm-like as it conditions the lips although the colour is not very long-lasting. I owned a few permanent shades from the Dior Addict line, and I find Cruise (611) more comfortable on the lips than the originals while those permanent ones are already quite impressive!

Dior Addict Cruise

Now I could not help but to compare Cruise (611) with one of the permanent shades from the more pigmented line, which is Dior Addict Extreme that shares the same packaging as Dior Addict. The former comes in a navy-black case while the latter comes in a transparent case which reflects the light beautifully and elegantly. Dior Addict Extreme is known to offer more opaque colour, and I thought that Riviera (639) is quite similar with Cruise (611) until I made swatches of them side by side.

Dior Addict Cruise

Riviera (639) is a pinkish coral with red base while Cruise (611) has more orange base. Which do I prefer? There is no way I could choose between them. Cruise (611) offers me a natural and softer overall look, and I personally feel it is a beautiful shade for both summer and spring!

Have you checked out or do you own any of the limited edition shades from Dior Transatlantique Collection? I am contemplating another one in red, Mayday, and I am not too sure if I should really get that. *GRIN*


With love,



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