Chanel Joues Contraste Blush in Ultra Rose (74)

Chanel Ultra Rose

If the number 74 were to be translated into words, it would be FOREVER LOVE. This vibrant magenta pink with blue undertone is impossible to miss due to its bright, almost-neon, light fuchsia shade. Upon spotting this baked blush at the Chanel counter, I need not think twice to make my purchase. It was love at first sight, and it will definitely remain as true love for eternity.

Chanel Ultra Rose

Joues Contraste blushes are baked in France, and I used to refrain myself from getting one because I thought the blushes looked too “stiff”, even without me making swatches of them! Oh, how silly of me! It was Chanel Joues Contraste blush in Ultra Rose (74) that changed me – I landed my fingers on the soft pink dome and found it swatches really well! The formula is sooooo smooth, and the tiny complimentary brush picked up the colour really easily, without being scratchy!

Chanel Ultra Rose

I was initially worried that the blush might appear too pigmented on the cheeks, but somehow it comes of sheer on the face. It would be great for those who prefer to layer the shade to get the wanted finish on the cheeks. Despite appearing as bright and cool on the pan and on the swatches, Ultra Rose (74) turned warm on my cheeks. I also saw low amount of very tiny shimmer, which I find amazingly helpful in giving the face a natural, healthy glow without looking powdery at all.

With flash

With flash

I get 7 hours of solid wear before Ultra Rose (74) faded away slowly. I love the smooth and even formula of this baked blush, and I know it will not be long until this blush has company. Being a fan of pink blushes, I could only wish Chanel brings back Tumulte, a light pink shade. Le sigh.

With love,



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