Welcome home, My Very 1st Rouge G from Guerlain: Rose Grenat (864)!

When your much-loved lip colour is housed with a hidden mirror, and somewhat not plastic-lightweight, you know you are IN for some classy luxury. Lethally seductive, you get your boost of confidence when men and women alike turn their heads to ogle the sexy packaging while you retouch your lips. Guerlain Rouge G is the one that could make any woman to stop for a moment, just for them to hold, to open, and to be in awe with it.

Guerlain Rose Grenat 864

Limited Edition: Coloured lacquered cap to reflect the shade, unlike the original metallic packaging

Guerlain Rose Grenat 864

With a hidden mirror within the packaging, retouching has never been that easy and SEXAY!

Guerlain Rose Grenat 864

Dear Guerlain fans, I finally FEEL you. I never understood the loyalty and craze, but now I know! All thanks to my wallet-destructing habit, I welcome Rouge G in (864) Rose Grenat. Rose Grenat is one of the two limited shades offered for Guerlain summer collection this year. The other shade, Rose Glace (866), which is a nude, barely there pink, would never be a choice at the moment as I don’t quite fancy barely there shades.  A velvety red-pink with subtle cool undertone, Rose Grenat initially appeared as a medium reddish fuchsia, but as it settled on the lips, I saw a strong base of pink that can be made brighter with every retouching. Interesting indeed, and simply stunning.

Guerlain Rose Grenat 864

Left: One pass; Right: 5 passes

Left: One pass; Right: 5 passes

Rose Grenat has intense colour coverage, where both swatches below look just the same because I got exactly the same awesome pigmentation with a single pass! It only wears down with eating and/or drinking, without leaving the ugly sight of lip ring. At all. I got a solid 6 hours of wear with Rose Grenat, and I did not need to worry about the formula feathering on my lips at any hour of the day. Yes, I am RM182 shorter, but the opaque colour, the classy packaging, and also smooth and creamy consistency make Rose Grenat worthwhile!

Guerlain Rose Grenat 864

I am currently enjoying every moment of retouching my lips with Rose Grenat as the packaging is just lavish! I have yet to check out all the colours in person (I am actually more worried that I could not abstain from serious lust case), but seeing some reliable swatches online, I might add one of the original/permanent Rouge Gs available, which is Garconne (25). Or maybe two more shades, I don’t know.


With love,



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