Dior Rivage Eye Shadow Palette from Transatlantique Summer 2014 Collection & My Lady Blush 002!

You know how it feels when your heart melted when you lay your eyes on a pretty thing, only to find that it was merely lust and infatuation? I have had such feeling beyond memory, but I never learnt. I guess I did NOT want to learn. Pretty things, sometimes, bring out the “obsessive” side of me, and I have two lovely items here from Dior, where one of them was a reminder of my foolishness. Let me introduce you to the first Limited Edition product from Bloom Kingdom of Colors Collection 2014, My Lady Blush 002 Soft Coral first, and I am going to tell you straight off the bat that this is as lovely as it looks!

Embossed in the classic Cannage design. No shimmer.

Embossed in the classic Cannage design. No shimmer.

Dior My Lady 002 Soft Coral

I suspect the SA accidentally swap the box packaging of 002 with 003 because 003 is supposed to be a cool pink!

I picked this redder shade instead of 003 that is a cool pink with a slight of lilac. The reason why I did not get both was due to the fact that the blush is HEAVY! Although it contains 10g, it is heavier than any of blushes that contain more product as the My Lady blushes are housed in a silver case, accompanied by a mini kabuki brush.

from Transatlantique Summer 2014 Collection

Despite its weight which may deter me from carrying My Lady 002 Soft Coral around, I love the shade that looks very natural on the cheeks, and I love how nicely pigmented it is while still looking soft, and not loud on the face. That way, one will not go wrong as the shade is buildable and does not accentuate the pores. Pretty design and a shade like this just makes application a pleasant process all the time!

from Transatlantique Summer 2014 Collection

Now I know some are already wondering about the second item that I was slightly disappointed about? Honestly, I rarely find faults with Dior as they make beautiful and quality products most of the time, but for its Transatlantique Collection Summer 2014, I felt the quality for its 5-colour eye shadow palette,  264 Rivage, falls short, if I were to compare with Dior regular eye shadows. Still, I purchased it as I did not own any blue eye shadow palette yet, and I personally LOVE  its combination of colours. The colours did look PROMISING, especially when I thought the pairing of gold and deep blue would be exquisitely classy for summer.

264 Rivage, you caught me from afar.

264 Rivage, you caught me from afar.

This is a beautiful palette. Look closely how sexy, yet elegant it is. Yes, I was lusting over the colours until the swatches broke my heart a little. Was the colour pigmented as shown in the pan? Well, it was moderately pigmented, which I could bear. After all, the darkest shade there has the best pigmentation, but what’s the deal?

from Transatlantique Summer 2014 Collection

The vibrant colour that will melt your heart AND break it as well. Le sigh.

The vibrant colour that will melt your heart AND break it as well. Le sigh.

See how infatuated and obsessive I became by showing you the 5 colours on the pan AGAIN? I just could not help myself, and now I have to spill the devastating news to you. Having decent colour payoff does not kill, but when 3 colours out of 5 were chalky and powdery, it hurts! The only 2 colours that worked just fine were the shy blue in the middle of the pan and the gold, in which its chunky glitter stayed on once applied with no fall outs. The deep blue, which was the main reason why I made this purchase, worked better on my arm than my lids. Layering the colour on the lid for more colour would only cause fall out all over the cheeks and nose. Disappointed I am, but I am going to say I am happy to own one for RM215. I will only use this palette when I have the time to use the fan brush to swipe away all the fall outs and to do some layering for the colour to show up  as gorgeous as how the pan looks!

I have yet to check out other items from Transatlantique Collection as I was literally blinded by these two items placed on the counter during my last visit. Do you own anything from either collection that I should pay attention to? The blush is selling off like hot cakes now, so if you like it, please don’t wait for my advice to say “RUN”.


With love,



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