Review: Neal’s Yard Remedies Rose Facial Oil for a Healthy, Glowing Skin!

I have always liked the idea of using face oils instead of night moisturizers as I sometimes find moisturizers a little “waxy” for my liking. I understood how the concept of using face oils could lead some to be very wary and intimidated, but the right face oils would keep the skin looking healthy as the skin cells are held together by the oils that are mostly made of natural ingredients, to retain the moisture needed for the skin.

NYR Rose Facial Oil

So, hitting 30’s got me all concerned with anti-aging, yet I want to keep my skin care regime simple. I began my venture in facial oils, and I found Neal’s Yard Remedies. According to, Neal’s Yard Remedies boasts a long list of strong green credentials. They were the first skincare company in the UK to be certified by the Soil Association; they use Fairtrade Foundation ingredients (and also grow a lot on their own farm at their ‘ecofactory’ in Dorset), and they do NOT test on animals.

NYR Rose Facial Oil

The blue bottle may be intimidating to some, but dark coloured bottles are meant to prevent the product from oxidizing.

Since I like anything roses, I got myself the Rose Facial Oil that claims to restore radiance to normal skin. To be frank, I can’t conclude how ‘normal’ is normal, but if I could classify my skin type at its current state, it has got to be STRESSFUL. DULL. TIRED. Hah! They definitely don’t sound anything close to ‘normal’, yes?

How natural can this get? Holy awesome!

How natural can this get? Holy awesome!

The awesome list of ingredients was said to nourish the skin and help reduce the appearance of fine lines, so did it perform as well as it says? The one-word answer: Yes! Please, read on. Oil is always good for firming, and with rose petal extract infused into the oil, it enhances the product with powerful anti-oxidant properties keeping the skin healthier and radiant looking. Every night, I always massage my skin with the oil after cleansing and toning until it absorbs.

The oil may appear thick, but a little is all you need, and this absorbs pretty quickly!

The oil may appear thick, but a little is all you need, and this absorbs pretty quickly!

NYR Rose Facial Oil

Just 1 sweep across the back of the hand

I love the fact that my skin looks radiant in the morning after. I love the fact that my face is never greasy or selectively oily at certain parts the morning after. I love the fact that I look a little radiant and healthy the morning after.

I also enjoy the fact that the oil still smells the same after it reaches its expiry date of 3 months. I enjoy the fact that this oil is not pricey (the facial oil was a gift, but I was told it is around RM150) because that bottle of 50ml could last me a loooooooooong time. The initial outlay of the price may be expensive, but considering the little amount I need every usage, Rose Facial Oil is definitely WORTH THE PRICE. Lastly, I enjoy the fact that the oil is never sticky or too oily as it absorbs into the skin pretty quickly.

NYR Rose Facial Oil

Like most skin care products that use natural or organic ingredients, it is crucial to note that those products have shorter shelf life. Rose Facial Oil is best used during the 3-month shelf life. This is because the shorter shelf life would alert consumers to be aware of bacteria contamination that would cause the product to change its smell, turn darker in colour, and be divided into different layers, which will do the skin more harm than good. I have been using this alternate nights for two months now, and I will keep using it even after its third month as long as the facial oil does not turn rancid. Oh, sometimes I would even apply Rose Facial Oil at my elbows and knees, too!

If you are against animal testing, and you know your skin could NOT tolerate mineral oil, parabens, silicones, propylene glycol, and even synthetic fragrance, you should do your skin a favour by visiting Neal’s Yard counter/store at Isetan KLCC, Isetan One Utama, and The Gardens Mid Valley to get some advice on organic and green skin care. I know I would!

With love,



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