M.A.C. Natural Radiant Illuminating Makeup Base – Natural Pink

Around a month ago, a new shade for this well-known Prep + Prime illuminating makeup base has been released. The long standing shade that was introduced two years ago was a light golden shade for medium-darker skin tones, and for 2014, M.A.C. brought in a light pink shade (called Radiant Pink) that is suitable for lighter skin tones. This silky gel primer (makeup base) has the texture of a lotion, and it has NO scent – much to the relief to some who detest any fragrance on their face.

Even the bottle itself has got tiny little glitters!

Even the bottle itself has got tiny little glitters!

This illuminating makeup base is to be applied before the foundation, with the purpose of blurring fine lines, pores and any imperfection. Also, this oil-controlling primer is to help the foundation/powder last longer, giving an even and a nice glow, without making the skin oily. I don’t know why I never thought of trying M.A.C.’s popular makeup base, the Strobe Cream, which is more suitable for dehydrated-dry skin types, but when I tried the Prep + Prime Natural Radiance primer at the store, I just took out my wallet to pay for this.

Comes with a handy pump!

Comes with a handy pump!

Perhaps it was the very tiny little shimmer that will somehow disappear on the skin after few minutes. Although it left me looking a little whiter in the beginning, it then adhered to my natural skin tone, and I look glowing without looking oily. I like the fact that it did NOT appear tacky or drying on my dehydrated skin, when I first tried it out. I have been testing it for more than 2 weeks now, and I find it very comfortable to wear. Why?

1-2 pump(s) for the entire face

1-2 pump(s) for the entire face

It blurs my pores without feeling too tight, cakey or silicony. I tried using this makeup base on my whole face, and I like that my face remained flawless for 7 hours before I need to touch up again. That, my lovelies, was on days where I was out and about. If I were to stay in the office for the entire 9-10 hours, I believe I would not need to touch up at all.

See the lovely glitters?

See the lovely glitters?

I have tried some primers that are way too tacky or silicony for a smooth, even foundation application. This one, however, provides a smooth base where I paired it with my favourite lightweight foundation (reviewed here) and with a medium coverage Chanel Vitalumiere Hydra Teint Moist Radiance Emulsion Compact.

I currently like this illuminating makeup base, and I know the word “illuminating” would scare some people with oily skin types, but this is not greasy and seem to control oil pretty well. If you have used Laura Mercier’s reputable makeup primer – either in hydrating, oil-free, or illuminating, you can consider this as a replacement since this makeup base does not have that weird scent Laura Mercier has. In terms of turning the skin into a smooth canvas, however, I must admit that Laura Mercier has a slight advantage to M.A.C.

I purchased this Natural Radiance Illuminating Base in Radiant Pink for RM160 (50ml – YAY! Not 30ml) at M.A.C. store, and I have been reaching this every day for the comfort that it provides. I don’t feel my pores are being covered or blocked by the crazy silicones that lead to my skin not being able to breathe at all.

Have you tried this makeup base or what is your current go-to makeup primer?

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