Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Makeup Compact

Foundations come in different form these days, and I have always a soft spot for cream compact foundations because I find them portable and easy to use. The sponge provided along with the foundation would be great for me as I love to bring compact foundations whenever I travel, and I do not have the habit to bring my brushes with me.

Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Makeup Compact in Shade 3. The shade number does NOT correspond with the same shade with the liquid version.

Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Makeup Compact in Shade 3. 

When Giorgio Armani launched Maestro (liquid version), I was happy to snag some samples to find out that I love it. Once I have used them up and wanted to purchase the original size, this compact version was introduced right on time, last year. I HAD TO GET IT, and my lust got the better of me. The cream compact was described in Armani’s webpage as:

“An ultra-fine foundation that perfects and evens skin as it glows in comfort and care compact.  Easy to apply, provides buildable coverage and sun protection SPF 29.  Inspired by Mr. Armani’s discovery of super organza, the world’s finest fabric, a fabric originally used to create exquisite Japanese kimonos.  The patent fusion technology moves like organza fabric on the skin.  Argan oil and vitamin E provides comfort and care.  The signature brush on applicator allows for easy, flawless application.”

The shade here does NOT correspond with the shade for its liquid version.

The shade here does NOT correspond with the shade for its liquid version.

With my heart skipping with excitement, I immediately put it to “good” use the following day. I WAS BUMMED. I looked at the mirror, and I saw a very confused, disappointed face that reflected how my heart would be if it had a face! GA Maestro Cream Compact, to me, is drying yet liquid-y. You don’t get it, do you? Me either! On my dehydrated skin, this not only accentuate all my pores, dry patches AND lines, but its liquid-y texture also has much slip in it that makes this foundation NOT last. At all. This compact foundation is nothing like I had experienced with the original release of its liquid version!

Shade No. 3 in cream compact foundation

Shade No. 3 in cream compact foundation

Perhaps it was the “Intelligent Melting Complex” technology that consists of blend of oils and waxes did not work for my skin. Honestly, I have very high hopes in Maestro, and when this compact foundation that comes along with Argan Oil, Vitamin E and SPF29 sun protection was released, I thought this would have a higher coverage than the liquid version. Unfortunately, my experience with this foundation has led me to disagree. No matter how I try to work this cream compact foundation with, be it a primer from Guerlain, Clarins, M.A.C., Laura Mercier, Paul & Joe or without primer (applied after sunblock), I got the same results! Some of my friends and colleagues even asked if I was using a tinted sunblock that had melted on my skin!!!!!!! Aaaarrrgggghhhhh!!!!!

If only it is as beautiful as its packaging

If only it is as beautiful as its packaging

Okay, *trying to calm down* while the formula has some flaws, the packaging is beautiful. You get to see an elegant yet minimalist compact that holds the cream foundation, and this compact offers a brush which is placed under the cream foundation. I have been trying to apply this cream foundation with my fingers, the brush that came along with this foundation, and my Bobbi Brown’s foundation brush to find out the one that works best without leaving much streaks and unevenness would be that GA brush.

For SGD99 for the compact and refill-able cream foundation, I know it will never be a repurchase. Still, I will diligently use it during my lazy days where I can save my favourite BB cream (reviewed here) to use this foundation up, so that I can proudly purchase the liquid version with no regrets. I hope someone could provide me ideas on how to make this cream compact foundation work. I have read positive reviews where this photographs beautifully, leaves the skin poreless, and provide high coverage without looking cakey, but I just did not experience any of that, even once! If you have ideas or the right tools, do share; you will be doing some real good deed here.

Have you tried this and are liking/hating it? Have you tried any foundations if your life that leave you feeling all guttered and depressed?

With love,



2 thoughts on “Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Makeup Compact

  1. oh no, I have read some negative reviews about this! I like this brand but I don’t think this is worth the chance coz of the humid weather in the lion city.

    • Well, I am uncertain if GA in Singapore has samples of this, and I highly doubt they have. However, they can definitely provide you with the liquid version, and that, I believe is an interesting formula and holds up pretty well in hot and humid weather.

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