Lancome Blanc Expert Derm-Crystal Crystal Brightness Activating Essence

“Designed to target the dermis, original source of natural light, to reveal skin’s inner light as never before. Lancôme’s utmost formula to date, Blanc Expert Derm-Crystal™ contains the exclusive Dermactyl Complex™, an unprecedented alliance of Soy, Sunflower, Mint and Rose extracts to target the dermis, associated with powerful actives to target the epidermis. An unprecedented brightening action from the dermis to the surface. Clear as crystal, each delicate droplet of Blanc Expert Derm-Crystal™ is like a drop of light, gently suffusing the skin to leave it fresh, and luminous, lusciously moist and subtly scented.”

A small bottle with a dropper to dispense the amount needed.

A small bottle with a dropper to dispense the amount needed.

Those hopeful words had me already, Lancome! Nice to read; nice to know, but was my skin nice to see after using this?

Although the country I am residing now has only one season: SUMMER all year long, its super blazing hot temperature can get into my nerves at times. Besides using a reliable sunscreen every day, I would try to include at least one “brightening” product in my skin care regime. With a brightening product, I hope to achieve a brighter (not M.J. white), more even-toned, radiant skin since this poor mommy constantly lacks her beauty sleep.

When Lancome Blanc Expert Derm Crystal was released around 2 years back, I did not immediately get this bottle of activating essence because I thought Emma Watson already has crystal clear skin, so I was NOT SOLD! (LOL, now blaming is a happy part!) When Sephora had its Members Day where all products at store were discounted 20% off retail price, I got one myself for RM350.

1 dropper-full is adequate for the entire face and neck!

1 dropper-full is adequate for the entire face and neck!

If you have used any Blanc Expert products, you will detect the same scent from this transparent essence. Looking at the transparency of this light yet not runny essence, it reminded me of Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution (also a face serum), but way less tacky than Kiehl’s upon application. Now did this Derm-Crystal Activating Essence do as it claimed?

I have tried this essence with different moisturizers for more than a month now, and I personally found it worked just well with my Aesop Primrose Facial Cream, with Diorsnow Fresh Crème Global Transparency Day Cream (reviewed here), and of course with Lancome Blanc Expert Day/Night Cream.

I did achieve an overall brighter and a luminous, moist skin when I used this. Luminousity of the skin is the main reason of my purchase, and I am glad I get that especially if I paired this essence with Lancome Blanc Expert Night Cream. This face essence, to me, is nice to have but not necessary, though. With proper diet, rest, and right skin care products, I believe brighter, luminous, moist skin can always be attained.  At least, I did get some positive results which are pretty immediate with this Derm-Crystal activating essence, unlike some product that did NOT live up to any of its claimed.

Have you tried Lancome Blanc Expert Derm-Crystal Crystal Brightness Activating Essence before or any other brightening serum/essence that worked for you?

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One thought on “Lancome Blanc Expert Derm-Crystal Crystal Brightness Activating Essence

  1. oh thank u for this post….I wanted to get this but not many helpful reviews for this essence.
    rm360 is not a cheap face essence but sometime what we pay is what we get right?

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