My 1st Stila Single Eye Shadow: La Douce

I had never purchased anything from Stila before until the brand decided to pull back from Malaysia few years ago. Feeling amiss, I regretted for not venturing more into this brand when I managed to snag Stila Sheer Pressed Powder. Luckily though, Sephora brought Stila back, but it was only recently that I made time to drop by at Stila for swatches. I came home with this single eye shadow, La Douce.

STILA single eye shadow: La Douce

STILA single eye shadow: La Douce

The tiny gold shimmer took my breath away at first sight!

The tiny gold shimmer took my breath away at first sight!

This golden olive green has beautiful shimmer, and I can totally see myself using this alone as an eye shadow or an eye liner. What amazes me was how pigmented at first swipe using my fingers, and it gives me a smooth, satin-y texture. The gold and the olive are just so beautiful together. This eye shadow can be used wet or dry, and for RM60 a pop, I find this really affordable.

Left: Applied dry (1 soft swipe); Right: Applied wet. Twice.

Left: Applied dry (1 soft swipe); Right: Applied wet. Twice.

This single compact that carries the eye colour is refillable, and I could also pop out this eye shadow and add to my favourite refillable compact. I like the idea where I could recycle this compact by removing the pan and magnet, too.

I love the price and the colour; why didn’t I check it out earlier? I am now actually planning to get more from Stila. Do you have any single eye shadows from Stila that you like? Which Stila product should I try next?

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6 thoughts on “My 1st Stila Single Eye Shadow: La Douce

  1. Stila eyeshadows are really buttery and pigmented, I like them a lot. I wear neutrals a lot so I bought the In the Light palette which has a good mix of shimmery, satin and matte colours (including dark brown and black which can be used as eyeliner, so it’s really versatile). Kitten is a good highlighting shade and brightens up my eyes straight away but some people might find it a bit too shimmery for their liking. Along with the palette I got a smudge stick in Damsel (a really dark brown which could pass off as black) and once the eyeliner sets it doesn’t budge at all. Considering the fact that I have oily lids and I didn’t use a primer beforehand, I was surprised to see it last that long on my lids. I’ve been reaching for this eyeliner more often than my MUFE Aqua eyes. Do check the eyeliner out if you’re interested in finding a good eyeliner for the lash lines (some reviewers have said that they experienced a bit of irritation when they used it on the waterline, but it worked out fine for me, so it depends on how sensitive your eyes are, I suppose).

    Anyway, sorry for the long comment. I believe La Douce would look stunning with your dark brown eyes! Eagerly awaiting for more of your blog posts 🙂

  2. Thank you, Angela! ^^
    Yes, I totally agree with you about its lasting power!. I must check out Damsel and Kitten during my next visit to Sephora; they sound right up my alley!

    Oh dear if only Stila is not so underrated here in my country!

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