Dior Trianon Spring Makeup Collection 2014 (First Look)

New Year; New Collection. Introducing Dior collection for Spring 2014 named Trianon! In French, the word “Trianon” actually means a special place with pleasant surroundings, beauty and balance. Inspired by the private estate of Marie-Antoinette, known as Petit Trianon, the pastel colours introduced in this massive collection were captured to highlight the intensity of the 18th century. Why massive? Just look at the amount of wonders for this Spring collection!

Dior Trianon Spring 2014 - Pastel lovers will LOVE this collection!

Dior Trianon Spring 2014 – Pastel lovers will LOVE this collection!

5 Couleurs Eye shadow (RM210)

  • Pastel Fontanges 234
  • Pink Pompadour 954

Diorblush (RM150)

  • Corail Bagatelle 736 
  • Pink Reverie 946

Rouge Dior Lipstick

  • Rose Crinoline 531
  • Souveraine 757
  • Courtisane 761
  • Allégresse 774

Dior Addict Lipgloss

  • Pétillante 442
  • Minauderie 382
  • Mousseline 122
  • Exquise 772

Diorshow Monos

  • Opaline 427
  • Angelique 170

Dior Vernis (nail polish)

  • Porcelaine 204: Cornflower blue
  • Bouquet 457: Soft peach
  • Bloom 777: Pure fuchsia
  • Perlé 187: Pearl frost

Backstage eye prime

  • 002: Nude beige

Dior Addict Lip Glow (lip balm)

  • 004 Coral: Sheer coral

Glow Maximizer Light Boosting Primer

  • 001

Pore Minimixer Skin Refining Matte Primer

  • 001

I am sorry as I missed the colours for its Diorshow Fusion Mono Matte Eye shadow (refer pic above: placed right below the Rouge Dior lipsticks), but I only saw two colours available at the counter. I was too excited to see the new collection until I have completely forgotten to check the prices and the two shades for the mono eye shadows!

Just in case you need to know, I was most intrigued by the two large palettes (refer pic above: bottom middle, next to Lip Glow). Those palettes are different from the other two which was placed on the TOP LEFT CORNER as they only have 3 eye colours, 1 eye liner (black) and 1 blush in the middle. I have gotten myself one of these two palettes and will post a review about it soon.  Can you guess which one came home with me? =)

The colours from the two palettes on the top left corner are shimmery and light. Judging from the swatches below, I’d prefer Rose Pampadour as it has a distinctive variation of colours (pink, grey & purple) in the palette, unlike the other one, Pastel Fontagne, which has shades that are quite close to each other. Pastel Fontagne, however, has a beautiful pastel green that seems to be quite pigmented at 1 swipe. That palette, in my humble opinion, would suit ladies who have medium skin tone.  The emblematic bow and beaded ribbons on the eye shadows makes the palettes very pretty, but if you are not a fan of pastel colours, then these eye shadow palettes are not for you. Don’t worry about the shimmer, though! They are not chunks of glitter but iridescent shimmers that change with different lighting and movement.

Left: 954 Pink Pompadour & Right: 234 Pastel Fontagne

Left: 954 Pink Pompadour & Right: 234 Pastel Fontagne

All the above items are Limited Edition and are now  available at all Dior counters in Malaysia. Do you like pastel colours on your eyes? Have you checked out this Trianon collection yet? Which item (s) caught your interest?

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