1st Month Anniversary – Win My 1st Giveaway!!!

Happy 1-month anniversary to my beauty blog! Weeeee~ *applause*

5 lucky winners to win one of these goodies!

5 lucky winners to win one of these goodies!

While I can, I love giving my loyal readers some beauty finds that got me by surprise! Besides, Christmas is just 2 sleeps away, and I love to spoil the ones who love me! *ehem ehem* How about winning something for a good start to the New Year? ^_^

I want to give 5 lucky readers to own ONE of the following:

1. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Fuchsia Shock & Lip gloss in Pink Pop (Reviewed here)

2. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Lovers Coral & Lip gloss in Pango Peach

3. Elite UV Base Pure Light SPF30 in Purple 02 (Reviewed here)

4. Soap & Glory Flake Away Shea butter, Sugar & Peach Seed Powder Spa Body Polish (Reviewed here)

5. Lancome Hypnose Drama Eyes in DR 214 Emeraude Eternelle (Reviewed here)

To win one of these, you should……………..

 leave a comment below this post and tell me:1. If you could change one thing in 2013, what was it? (This could be a sentence or a short paragraph)2. Your username for your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. =)

Simple Terms & Conditions:

1. Deadline for entries is 10pm (+8GMT), 28th December 2013. Each participant can only reply ONCE.

2. Follow/Like me at:

*Facebook  – Engaged With Beauty

*Twitter- @liyeun

*Instagram – engagedwithbeauty

3. You need to follow/like ALL my 3 pages/accounts, and you must leave your username for
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at the end of your comment for me to follow yours, too.

4. Winners will be selected by me (alone) and will be announced on my FB page, Engaged With
Beauty and my blog. Respected winners ought to respond by leaving a reply at the comment
box in my blog within 24 hours, or a new winner will be chosen.

5. This give away is open for residents in Malaysia. Lovely readers from other parts of the globe, fret
not, the day will come! ^^

Good luck, love!

Hugs & kisses,



16 thoughts on “1st Month Anniversary – Win My 1st Giveaway!!!

  1. If I can change one thing in 2013, I wish i can put more effort in everything. More effort in dealing studies, works, hanging out more often with family and friends as well as having fun and be more brave in eveything. Life’s too short to enjoy every single thing thoroughly.

    Facebook – Pyh Shin
    Twitter – theforgotten911
    Instagram – cristenbelle

    • Thank you for your participation, love! Life is definitely too short for all enjoyment or misery, but we try to better ourselves everyday and make the ones who love us happier, too. You are not alone as I do share similar thoughts as yours! 2014 will definitely be a greater year for all of us! ^^

  2. hi miss..
    If i can change one thing in 2013,i will change my past time.The precious past time to create the best version of me.but i realize that is impossible.let make it as a force to drive me forward and as reference point to see how far i have changed.Because the future is foggy at best,just give it all.

    Facebook – Nur Aziemah
    Twitter – @aziemah1412
    Instagram – saya_aziemah

    • Thank you, aziemah for sharing with me! Yes, 2013 shall be a reflection for each and everyone of us to improve, and as long as we give our best, we are fair to ourselves, no? Have a nice day, dearie! *hugs*

  3. If I could change one thing in 2013, I want to take care of my skin better.*Since this is a beauty blog and I’m too excited about it.* Sometimes I felt jealous with some pretty girls around me because they have good skin and when I asked what products did they used, the answers made me speechless. I don’t even know anything about cosmetic products. They have sooo many skin care products in their bag and it’s all good for them. Basically, I have a dry skin and some pimple scars on my face. I’ve tried several products but it never works. When it never works, I stop using it and don’t bother to take care of my skin. Then I noticed that my skin is getting worse because I don’t wash it properly and never apply day or night moisturiser on it. Hopefully after this I would simply apply those basic such as toner and moisturiser on my face. Well, girls know better how I feel about being pretty tsk tsk.

    Happy 1st month anniversary. Love this blogggggg so much.

    Facebook- Rahayu Emilia
    Twitter- @rahayuemiliaaa
    Instagram- @rahayuemilia

    • Thank you for wishing my 1-month-old blog, and Thank You for being so honest, Rahayu! No need to envy or be jealous of other ladies, you are beautiful yourself, really!

      Proper skin care takes time to show results, but at least start with a cleansing milk/balm, gentle foaming cleanser, a soothing toner, and a moisturizer. The more you leave your skin unattended and dry, the more “work” need to be done later on! Start now, and double cleanse your skin every evening before you sleep. Never sleep with sunscreen or makeup on.Make sure you scrub and put mask on, at least TWICE per week; use a gentle scrub since you have blemishes and then before applying a hydrating mask, use a purifying mask first ^_^

  4. Dear Miss,
    If I could change one thing in 2013, I would probably change myself to become a stronger person. Not physically but mentally. Life is not a bed of roses and it is full of ups and downs. I must stay strong and positive in order to tackle the obstacles in my life and fulfill my dream.
    Facebook- Heddy Csy
    Twitter- @Heddy5870
    Instagram- @heddycsy

  5. Hello,
    If I could change one thing in 2013, I would like to change my attitude. Due to all the problems that I am facing in my studies and life, I started to realise that I have anger management problem. I become a very bad-tempered person and I might have hurt those who love me. I wish I could change to become a better person and can control my anger to prevent them from getting hurt.
    Facebook- Jofin Mei
    Twitter- @jofinmei
    Instagram- @jofinmei

    • Hi Jofin, thanks for sharing! Yes, life is stressful these days where problems do come and go, but it is much helpful when there are people who listen, no? Many people constantly find ways to de-stress. Start with a hobby (art, music, dance, cooking, reading blogs, etc.), perhaps? ^^

  6. If I can change one thing in 2013, I wish I can be more determined when comes in decision making. I tend to hesitate when making decision as I know every decision I made has its consequences. A clearer mind and opened heart will sure lead me to a better path! *optimist wannabe*

    Facebook – Cristenbelle Ying
    Twitter – Cristenbelle
    Instagram – cristenbelle

    • Oscar Wilde once famously stated, “Hesitation of any kind is a sign of mental decay in the young, of physical weakness in the old.” Agree, much? Well I do, and let me tell you that you are not alone! I sometimes do, and I am sure many do, too. When you doubt, that means there are things you are certainly unclear of. Uncertainty is caused by lack of knowledge, while hesitation is the product of fear, and we are usually afraid of the unknown. Hence, the keyword “knowledge” is what you have to work for. (gulp! easier said than done)

  7. Dear Li Yeun,

    If I can change one thing in 2013, I wish I would have more confidence. Lack of confidence has always been my downfall and I believe that I have lost out because of it! Like the saying goes, I’m my own worst enemy.

    Facebook: Joyce Chong
    Instragram: @joyc3c
    Twitter: @joyc3c

  8. Hi Miss Li Yeun,
    The year 2013 is going to end soon in just a few days.This year isn’t a bad year for me but there are a lot of obsticles I have gone through which in a positive way it makes me cope in any situations.Now back to the topic,If I was given a chance to change one thing in the year 2013,I would certainly find a time for a part time job to add some cash to my account as I’m a student and also an athlete which doesn’t own that much income.I want to do this so that I could buy a car using my own effort that I’ve earn.It gives me full satisfaction and I dislike to put the burden on my parents.This makes me an independent person and I will manage my money well.It sounds crazy but in my belief ,the more you sacrifices and efforts you put in the more you receive.It is still not too late to start as 2013 is still not over yet.Enjoy your day!*Teehee*

    Facebook: Tracie Ang
    Instagram: traciexoxo93
    Twitter : @Tracie_21

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