Don’t Celebrate Xmas without Celebrate!

Lush oh Lush, you just know how to entice me with your names and wordings!

Very Funny, Lush!

Very Funny, Lush!

As you all know already, I got my first few Lush products few weeks ago, and I have been having a ball during my bath time ever since! The scent of the shower gels linger at my bathroom and the lip scrub helps a lot in giving me chap-free lips, so one purchase leads to another.

I could not stop myself from getting another limited edition product from Lush, so here it is – Celebrate!



How nice - 1 free fresh mask when you return 5 empty, full-sized pots/tubes!

How nice – 1 free fresh mask when you return 5 empty, full-sized pots/tubes!

The reason I picked this over the other body lotion was because of its ingredients! This body lotion not only has cocoa butter, almond oil, orange oil and lime oil, but it also has cognac oil! I have never tried any body lotion or cream that has cognac oil in it, and I was so curious to find out how I would like it. Celebrate has a sweet, mandarin scent that will uplift one’s spirit, and I do not detect any alcohol scent in the lotion, thank God! Honestly, I don’t know what cognac oil does in the body lotion, but I heard it is known to have a strong, sweet, fruity aroma that gives brandy its unique flavour. Perhaps that oil aids to prolong the sweet mandarin scent, I am not too certain. All I know is that every time I use Celebrate at night, I wake up smelling the same uplifting scent and having soft, smooth skin. If only our bodies have hormones to generate “Celebrate Cells” that give us ladies constant silky-smooth skin and an everlasting scent that will make us all joyous! Ho Ho Ho!!!

I love it when Almond Oil TOPS the ingredient lists instead of water!

I love it when Almond Oil TOPS the ingredient lists instead of water!

Thick consistency but not too greasy!

Thick consistency but not too greasy!

Although this lotion seems to have thick consistency, it actually absorbs pretty well without leaving greasy film on the skin. To be frank, there are many other body lotions that moisturize the skin and smell nice, but THIS one does not have that fake, plastic-y scent some body lotions have. I have really dry fingers, and this does a good job as a heavy duty hand and foot cream, especially being used at night that leaves no greasy or tacky feeling on the surface of the skin. I like this a lot, and I know I will be sad when I hit the bottom of the tub because this is Limited Edition! Please Lush, come to Malaysia already and have more limited edition products like THIS during CNY, Deepavali, and Hari Raya!

I bought this online for £12.95 from Lush UK that ships worldwide, and I am trying really hard to refrain myself from visiting Lush’s webpage in the meantime. I am not buying myself anything from there now. Not until Christmas is over!!!!

Have you tried anything from Lush that you like? Have you tried this body lotion yet?

With love,



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