Facial Steaming & Scrub with Fruit Peels – My Way

How many of you have tried facial steaming at home? Those who regularly frequent facial salons would have already had the experience of steaming the face to prepare the skin for extractions. Many have believed that steaming was meant for opening up the pores or to exfoliate better. Contrary to such common belief, pores do not open and close like doors or windows, and it takes more than steaming for better exfoliation – types of facial scrubs and proper cleansing beforehand. Facial steaming, despite claims that it can do no good for those who suffer from inflammation, has been long practised in salons, and I have religiously performed this ritual at least once every two weeks in my own home. I discover that my skin tend to absorb skin care products better after steaming, but to prevent sweat and bacteria to get trapped into the pores while steaming, I only do it at 10 minutes tops. To make things fun, I actually steam my face with fruit peels!

Now I do not allow all kinds of fruit peels on my face, though. I only use mangoes’, the ones with YELLOW skin. I have read that mango’s skin is rich in mangiferin, norathyriol, and resveratrol (zzzzz….). These powerful antioxidants may confer protection against cancer and other diseases, but this was not the reason why I have always stuck to using mango peel. I have had good results using mango peel instead of orange, so I continued using only the former. When I was a child, I recall seeing my dear mom using the facial steamer to prep her skin for extractions, and I felt the machinery equipment was too scary for me to use. Then it was another day when I watched an advert on the TV and saw a pretty lady putting on slices of cucumbers and tomatoes on her face. Yes, I was THAT YOUNG and VAIN to be thinking about using mega-power fruits to apply onto my skin. God knows how old I was at that time, but I was a child. Hah!

These are the steps that I take for a clean, purified skin (sometimes as I am not too diligent)! First, place two medium-to-large sized mangoes’ peel into a small pot and add water till it reaches three quarter of the pot. Get them boiled and place your head above the pot. Allow your skin to be “heated” for around 10 minutes, remembering to tilt the head a little to the left and right so that the cheeks get some warmth, too. After 10 minutes, walk calmly in front of a mirror and begin your extractions. I find extractions particularly easier, and my blackheads were removed as I could clearly see them after the steaming session.  You might see some swollen bumps on the surface of your skin but no worries, those are due to the heat and extractions, and the swelling will go off in few hours’ time. Just make sure you do NOT perform any facial steaming just an hour or two BEFORE your important date!

So what do you do after the extraction? Once your skin has cooled down on its own, do not wash it off with cold water just yet. Grab an orange; HAPPILY eat it up but not throw the skin. Take the orange peel and rub directly on your face until the peel softens and gets slightly thinner on its own. Leave it for another good 15 minutes before washing your face with cold water. You will see a GLOW on your squeaky clean face, thanks to the mangoes, the orange, and ME! Try this once in your life, at least!

Have you tried facial steaming method on your own? Do you see any results?

With Love,



3 thoughts on “Facial Steaming & Scrub with Fruit Peels – My Way

  1. Hello Li Yeun! I tried that yesterday, without any fruit peel – just plain water. It’s like a mini steam room as I made a little “tent” with my towel too. It felt great! 😀 I made a bucket of warm water for my husband to soak his feet after finishing the steam session. One water – 2 uses. Very environmental friendly, right? We could even use the water (after feet soaking) to water the plants.. haha

    • Yay, you tried it! Please, do try with the peels one day, really! I love the GLOW every time I use Mango Peel. Hehehe… and you are so brilliant to kindly use the water on your lucky husband! The plants, too! Oh dear, why didn’t I think about it? Thanks, Ting! ^0^

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