Shiseido Perfect UV Protector is My Perfect UV Protector

I envy the younger generation these days; I really do. Thanks to the advance technology, the Internet and the constant advice from people around us, the “younger” ones must have heard the Hymns of Sunscreen countless times already – you guys are so lucky! Whether you are living in a hot tropical country like Malaysia or living anywhere else around the globe, you need to use sunscreen EVERYDAY. Using sunscreen can prevent premature aging, sunburns, age spots and skin cancer.

Depending on your lifestyle, preference on the texture or tint (colour)  and budget, there is always ONE that suits your need to be and to feel protected.  Normal to dry skin types can benefit from using lotion or cream-based sunscreen whereas those with oily skin type can choose from gel, lotion, or even powder type for your sunscreen.

I have dehydrated skin, so searching for a sunscreen that does not hug onto the dry patches is not easy. When I was as young as 10, mom bought me all sorts of different textures for my face and told me to apply on my face (too bad, we totally ignored the body). I never understood the necessity of applying sunscreen and hated the strong scent of alcohol in it. Many years later when I earned my first pay cheque, I gathered my courage to spend my moolah on some skincare products at Clarins.

An SA from Shiseido noticed me nearby and handed me a small tube of its sunscreen. I was delighted as I thought I had won a lottery to be given a sunscreen, how innocent! The very next morning, I applied the sunscreen, and I never turned back. I was hooked, and I have used bottles and tubes of sunscreen from Shiseido after that. If any of you would like to get a good sunscreen, head over to Shiseido; they make the best sunscreen, I tell you! (Errr…I may have exaggerated a little bit as I don’t quite like its Urban Environment UV Protector Extra Mild SPF 30.)

Hail the king!

Hail the king!

The sunscreen I have now from Shiseido is the one RAVED by many, named Perfect UV Protector SPF50+ with a PA rating of triple plus. This has a light lotion texture, and I will need to shake it to mix the content of water and lotion in the plastic bottle. Although the bottle stated that it is very water-resistant, I take it with a pinch of salt. I believe that reapplication of sunscreen after few hours is BEST to get most of its efficiency because water and sweat will dissolve any sunscreen that you have applied on your skin.


This runny textured sunscreen comes off with a VERY slight pinkish tint and a light alcohol scent, which is bearable as the scent does not linger for long. The pinkish tint gives me just a slight brightened complexion, and the light texture makes it easy to me to apply because it spreads evenly. Another good point to be noted is that this sunscreen dries relatively quickly, and I like the fact that I do not need to wait for the sunscreen lotion to be absorbed. The finish of this sunscreen is matte but NOT papery dry (Sunplay, I am looking at you).

The very slight pinkish tint

The very slight pinkish tint

Its runny texture makes it so easy to spread all over your face and body!

Its runny texture makes it so easy to spread all over your face and body!

Why do I continue purchasing this Perfect UV Protector? Simply because this sunscreen does NOT give me a warm, burning feeling on my skin as quickly as other brands’, and this sunscreen also does not hug onto the dry patches on my dehydrated face. LOVE! The second reason alone makes my skin all ready for a smoother makeup base application. At times, I could even apply some of my liquid foundation (tried it with Chanel, Dior, and YSL) sans makeup base or primer because this sunscreen is good enough to be used as a base for my face!

This sunscreen is RM130 for 50ml, and I usually will repurchase every two months if I only apply it on my face everyday. Well, I have to admit that I do not use this sunscreen on my body. Instead, I use a cheaper alternative for my body, or else I might end up buying bottles of this sunscreen every month!

Have you used the Perfect UV Protector from Shiseido? Do you have any sunscreen that you actually like?

With love,



5 thoughts on “Shiseido Perfect UV Protector is My Perfect UV Protector

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  4. Well despite us younger generation having more knowledge about sunscreens at an earlier age, most of us aren’t as lucky as you to have a mum who would buy sunblock for you since the age of 10! I think most of us started using it during highschool.

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