Cream eye shadows, anyone?

Are you aware of cream eye shadows out there? I love ‘em. VERY. MUCH. INDEED.

I love the fact that I could play with the pigmentation, I adore the idea that cream eye shadows usually have shimmery finish, and I like how easy they are to be applied! Cream eye shadows will always have a place in my makeup pouch whenever I travel. I prefer not carrying powder eye shadows (except Guerlain’s Liu palette) when I travel as I would be worried that my powder eye shadows would break.

I have a few cream eye shadows in my stash now, and despite having only a pair of eyes, cream eye shadows will always be on my radar. The very moment a brand released its range of cream formulas, I would definitely not miss it. For this Holiday, Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill (ETK) and Lancome have 4 brand new, limited-edition colours. Being too excited about the news, I headed to Singapore to get my hands on some of the colours, but I had totally forgotten to take pictures of all the colours (Sorry!). I swatches all the 8 limited edition colours at their respective counters but only came home with two!

GA ETK No. 33; Lancome DR 214

GA ETK No. 33; Lancome DR 214

I got myself Emeraude Eternelle (emerald green) from Lancome and No. 33 Scarab Violetta (lavender) from Giorgio Armani. The green one from Lancome was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT when I saw the colour online, and it turned into PURE LOVE when I laid one of my fingers on the cream eye shadow to swatch it! My heart stopped beating for a second when I touched how bouncy it was!



It comes with a tiny brush for lining the eyes!

It comes with a tiny brush for lining the eyes!

The shimmering mousse eye shadow has a unique springy touch in it, and I had never used one cream eye shadow with so much softness and bounce. That green colour and its springy texture simply and effortlessly melt my heart! I have been waiting for this emerald green with gold flecks for a long, long time! I have always loved this colour being paired with a classic red lipstick! Yes, it looks very “Christmassy”, and that makes me happy! Also, I got myself another back up for this particular shade already! Crazy, I know. I will be wearing this colour during New Year, Summer, all year long – I don’t care!

See the beautiful gold flecks! Left: 3x, Right:1x

See the beautiful gold flecks! Left: 3x, Right:1x

GA ETK No.33 Scarab Violetta

GA ETK No.33 Scarab Violetta

Similarly, Scarab Violetta is utterly breathtaking. One swatch on the hand, and I got a cool lilac colour. Initially, I did not see FALL or HOLIDAY in that colour because I usually regard makeup items for Fall and Holiday collection as mysterious, dreamy, dark, and vampy. This lavender shade prepares me for Spring, but I could then also think ICY. If I pair this shade with silver, navy blue and taupe, I get Ice Queen! As usual, the longevity and the amount of shimmer in this never disappoint. There is LITTLE TO NO fallout when I use this.

Above: Twice;  Below: Once

Above: Twice;
Below: Once

Have you check these cream eye shadows out?  The limited shades from Lancome is now available in Malaysia for RM80 per jar of 5grams, but the Eyes to Kill No.33 from Giorgio Armani was purchased in DFS Galleria, Singapore for approximately 43-45 SGD (my bad for not keeping track of the price).

I was wondering if I should also get No. 32 (Gold Hercule) from Giorgio Armani. Should I, or shouldn’t I?

With Love,



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