Is YSL Top Secrets Granule-free Exfoliator a Top Secret worth Knowing?

YSL Top Secrets Granule-free Exfoliator

YSL Top Secrets Granule-free Exfoliator

There are many exfoliating face scrubs available in the market now, where some are full of grains, some have gentle beads and some contain seeds. Claiming to be free from abrasive particles, this YSL Top Secrets Natural Action Exfoliator Granule-Free (I am just going to call it a face scrub here) contains sugars and ultra-fine oils to cater for all skin types, even sensitive skin. I have used many types of face scrubs, so I was interested to see how this golden, iridescent gel would fare.

Poured some out of this 75mL tube

Poured some out of this 75mL tube

I was told to rub the gel on dry skin before massaging the face until the gel transform into slippery liquid. Next, I would need to add some water to emulsify the gel where it turns into milky liquid. Then I ought to message my face for a little while more before rinsing off the face scrub. As stated in YSL’s webpage, I should be able to see a purified, smoother and softer skin while having a purified and brightened complexion.

It is clear to many that exfoliating face scrubs are meant to get rid of dead skin cells and dry patches. Also, the skin should appear smoother and {slightly} more even-toned before slapping on any facial masks to replenish moisture on the face. Due to the gentle texture of this gel exfoliator, I could still notice the dry patches on my nose after rinsing. I personally prefer grainy scrubs for my face as I feel that they are not only gentle but they also scrub well. This gel exfoliator, on the other hand, leaves me feeling un-cleaned. Was my skin brightened after use?  Not that I could notice. Was my skin purified? No, too! *cries*

As much as I love YSL for its gorgeous makeup, I can’t say I love this gel scrub. Sorry, YSL. You still have a fan in me, though. Perhaps, when I grow much older where my skin can no longer tolerate the slightest abrasive particles, I will definitely reach for this exfoliating face scrub! I believe it will then do a wonderful job as its granule-free gel is so gentle for the skin!

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