Chanel Les Beiges

Few years back, I was given samples of BB cream from Lancome and Bobbi Brown, and I was never able to make them work for my skin. They are either too matte, too grey, too heavy or too greasy for my liking. Then I tried the whitening one from Dior, and I found the texture to be thick. I thought I would never find The Right One. I began to shun away from BB creams until I was given a sample of Les Beiges All-in-One Healthy Glow cream (in short for BB cream) and CC cream from Chanel. Finally, Chanel jumped into the bandwagon of these BB, CC, and soon-other-alphabets-to-follow, and that got me all interested again! Thinking that the CC cream would be an upgrade of BB cream, I tried the former first. Initially, I was worried of its single shade (B20) and thick texture; however, once the medium-high coverage CC cream settled, all my flaws were covered with no heavy feeling felt! I was glad, so I gathered my courage to try its BB cream one fine day.

Chanel Les Beiges

Chanel Les Beiges

I was amazed with the consistency of this BB cream. Although it does not have high coverage to conceal the bumps and naughty break outs on my face, this lightweight cream gives a healthy glow finish that leaves me looking all fresh, natural and healthy. Some have mentioned about the patchiness and stickiness of the doing of this BB cream, which I agree to a certain extent. If I am diligent enough to prep my face with some good serum and a hydrating moisturizer, then my skin will leave no room for any patchiness. Likewise, the stickiness does not stay for long because once the cream settled, I do not feel any tackiness at all.

That being said, I would never recommend anyone with oily skin to use this cream. Mr Humid Malaysia is NEVER kind with its blazing hot weather, and this BB cream would easily fade away, thanks to the sweat we produce effortlessly here. I have dehydrated skin, and it took 5 hours before I need to re-apply this cream. I do not see it as a problem to re-apply this cream on top of my sunscreen after it has faded away since I understand that it is recommended to re-apply sunscreen every time I perspire (My day job, unfortunately, does not give me the privilege to stay in the air-conditioned office). Yes, I would still use a sunscreen underneath the BB cream even though the BB cream has SPF30 in it. Like ParisB , I believe that BB creams are not skin care but make up. All in all, I was so pleased with this BB cream that I actually rushed to the nearest Chanel’s counter to pay RM 165 for the full-sized tube (30ml) once my sample ran out. I even no longer use the CC cream even though it covers my pores and hides imperfections fairly well, and that explains a lot!

Les Beiges BB cream - Ingredients

Les Beiges BB cream – Ingredients

Pls forgive my horrible  eye bags! See how it blurred the imperfections on my skin and remained looking natural?

Pls forgive my horrible eye bags! See how it blurred the imperfections on my skin and remained looking natural?

Swatch - Les Beiges Healthy Glow Cream N10

Swatch – Les Beiges Healthy Glow Cream N10

The BB cream gives a dewy finish, so those who prefer a matte look could perhaps opt for its CC cream instead. I would sometimes use Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Colour SPF15 in N10 (the lightest shade) to dust the dewy finish a little and to add more coverage. Instead of using the half-moon brush which is provided in the compact, I use a thin sponge given to me by one of the SA when I bought this powder. The half-moon brush would be good if I wanted to blur the imperfections on my face, but it does not provide any coverage. I am partial to this powder as this is not mattifying enough to control oil at all. Rather, this powder will slide off from my face the very moment I touch my face, which has the BB cream on. The packaging of this powder, however, is classy and neat. Even if I do not use this powder as often, just the thought of taking this out from my bag to have a peek at myself makes me look elegant. *hearty laugh*

The Half-Moon Brush and Les Beiges Powder in N10

The Half-Moon Brush and Les Beiges Powder in N10

Understated, Refined Packaging

Understated, Refined Packaging

Have you tried any product from Chanel’s Les Beiges range? What other BB creams have you tried that appeals to you?

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